Association for Integrity in Health Care Documentation

The Association for Integrity in Health Care Documentation (AIHCD®) is an organization of professionals who are impacted directly and indirectly by changes that are occurring today in health care reform, specifically, the changes that are generated or communicated through the documentation within the medical record. AIHCD® is comprised of physicians, physician advisors, nurses, case managers, HIMs, clinical documentation integrity specialists, compliance officers and coders, as well as health care attorneys and revenue cycle specialists working towards health care communication betterment for all.

Membership in AIHCD® offers health care professionals the opportunity to rise above their peers by increasing their knowledge of medical cost recovery efforts and teaches members how to take that knowledge back to their team and implement a positive change within their institutions. Not only does this make them an essential part of the team, but it also makes them a vital part of the hospital’s overall success.

The Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity (C-CDI) Institute is dedicated to significantly improving the competency in clinical documentation within health care to capture the complete severity-of-illness being managed and appropriately justify the consumption of resources within today’s regulatory environment.
The Denials Avoidance & Appeals Management (C-DAM) Institute focuses on identifying effective techniques to communicate with both clinicians and non-clinical staff in order to appeal current denials and prevent future denials.
The Physician Advisor Clinical Documentation & Integrity (PAC-CDI) Institute is intended for a physician serving the hospital through teaching, consulting, and advising both the case management/utilization review department and the hospital.

The AIHCD certification is just the beginning of a new path in your career. It is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date continuing education to keep your credential active. Twenty (20) continuing education credits need to be earned in each two (2) year cycle.

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Although there are other organizations that teach clinical documentation in the United States, the AIHCD® program is unique. We take a multi-disciplinary approach. Every member of the health care team needs to speak the same language and it begins with doctors. We believe that sometimes it takes a doctor to teach a doctor and that is why AIHCD® uses physicians to conduct and/or oversee all of our training programs.


AIHCD® adopts and encompasses a broader, more comprehensive educational program that is not limited to coding. We currently offer 3 Certification Institutes:

  1. Physician Advisor Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity (PAC-CDI®)
  2. Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity (C-CDI®)
  3. Denials & Appeals Management (C-DAM®)


AIHCD®’s mission is to be the leader and advocate in efforts to improve the quality and compliance of documented healthcare information. Through collaboration among healthcare professionals, we strive to achieve improvement of healthcare delivery using communication and educational resources along with components of practical application.

Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Compliance
  • Education
  • Communication 

Meet Your Steering Committee.

Our steering committee members are national leaders in the health care industry in the areas of documentation improvement & integrity, coding, medical necessity, healthcare computers – Electronic Medical Records, legal aspects of our jobs, and regulatory / compliance experts.

Keith I. Stokes, C-CDI, CI-CDI, C-DAM, PAC-CDI, Chief Executive Officer, DocuComp® LLC

Dr. Keith I. Stokes is a board certified physician with a diverse career that includes experience as a clinic medical director, hospital chief-of-staff, hospitalist, consultant and physician advisor.
Dr. Stokes is a graduate of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. He completed internship and a residency in Family Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Stokes has served as a consultant for numerous hospitals, primarily focused in the areas of physician advisor, utilization management and clinical documentation improvement.


Dr. Martin has 35+ years' experience as a physician in emergency medicine, occupational medicine and forensic medicine.
Dr. Martin has provided extensive physician education on numerous subjects. He has done intensive medical review and analysis of medical records from a general medical perspective and occupational medicine perspective, followed by compilation of a detailed written review to be used to formulate decisions around initial liability decisions and appeal decisions. He has served as a medical director at several hospitals.

Deborah Gardner-Brown, RHIT, CCS, CDIP, CCDS, CCDI, CI-CDI, CPMA, AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS & CDI Trainer

Deborah is a Subject Matter Expert, Speaker, DRG Dispute Resolution Examiner and experienced Auditor for the acute and outpatient care settings.
Deborah Gardner-Brown has authored, developed, and presented educational material on several ICD-10-CM/PCS and CDI topics. She has presented at several AHIMA/ACDIS state component events in the Tri-state area. She has decades of experience auditing and teaching inpatient/outpatient coding/clinical documentation in several Level I Shock/Trauma Acute Care Hospitals.


Glenn Krauss is a nationally recognized CDI/Revenue Cycle expert and speaker. With 25 years of hands on CDI Improvement and coding experience.
Glenn deeply understands and can effectively communicate why and how the quality of medical record documentation strongly correlates with overall quality of care achieved, and the overall achievement of a high performing revenue cycle. Glenn works collaboratively with physicians and the revenue cycle team to achieve sustainable improvement in clinical documentation that reflects fully informed and coordinated patient care.

Association for Integrity in Health Care Documentation

AIHCD® created the nation’s first nationally recognized Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity certification program.
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Your first year of membership in the AIHCD is Free with the Purchase of Any of our three Certification Institutes.

As the nation’s first and original Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity Program, AIHCD® adopts and encompasses a broader, more comprehensive educational program that is not limited to coding alone. Individual and Group Membership enrollment is currently open.