Association for Integrity in Health Care Documentation

Although there are other organizations that teach clinical documentation in the United States, the AIHCD® program is unique. “We take a multi-disciplinary approach. Every member of the healthcare team needs to speak the same language, and it begins with doctors. And this is where DocuComp LLC is unique. We believe that sometimes it takes a doctor to teach a doctor and that is why DocuComp LLC uses physicians to conduct our training,” says Bibbins.

AIHCD® offers health care professionals the opportunity to rise above their peers by increasing their knowledge on medical cost recovery efforts and teaches them how to take that knowledge back to their team and implement a positive change within their institutions. Not only does this make them an essential part of the team but it also makes them a vital part of the hospitals overall success.

The AIHCD® is an organization of professionals who are impacted directly and indirectly by the changes that are occurring today in health care reform, specifically, the changes that are generated or communicated through the documentation within the medical record. The AIHCD® is comprised of physicians, nurses, HIMs, clinical documentation integrity specialists and clinical documentation improvement specialists, as well as health care attorneys, computer IT Techs and revenue cycle specialists working towards healthcare communication betterment for all. 

AIHCD®’S Mission is to be the leader and advocate in efforts to improve the quality and compliance of documented healthcare information. Through collaboration among healthcare professionals, we strive to achieve improvement of healthcare delivery using communication and educational resources with components of practical application.


  • Integrity
  • Compliance
  • Education
  • Communication

To be an essential resource as healthcare reform initiatives continue to evolve.